Mack Elevn
Extremely Delicious Food! The owner is very personable and focused on providing every customer with excellent service. I highly recommend trying this place out if you’re looking for a tasty bite.
This place is an amazing restaurant. The food is delicious, when I tried it, all I felt was heaven in my mouth. You guys should come to his shop, I promise you will not regret it !
The owner is so nice and will definitely take care of you. The food is absolutely amazing, we got goat soup, jollof rice and goat with sides of gravy and spinach so tasty and spiced wonderfully. If you love food with a lot of flavor I would highly recommend Asanka Delight!
T *
Amazing food 😋 it's like I went to visit family and snatched the leftovers to take home with me. The owners were very nice and I can't wait to go back. Just an FYI it's inside Desi Food Galaxy.
Janet Pomaa
Home away from home restaurant. Good food, great service. I love the way you are being treated in and out of the restaurant. This is indeed an international restaurant with an excellent variety of food. I recommend Asanka Delight Restaurant to all Africans. 🤝🤝
Michael S.
Very delicious food, great service. Owner was very friendly and welcoming and informed us of what was best to order. The peanut butter soup with beef was...

Monday - Saturday

12:30pm - 7:40pm


3:00pm - 7:00pm